Health Updates

During this time when there is so much anxiety in our community, we want to remind ourselves that God has given us a spirit of love, not fear and it’s in that spirit of love that our elders continuously monitor and make decisions concerning physical and spiritual threats to the church here in Greenfield.


All updates to our procedures and schedule based on those decisions will be posted on this page.

Helpful Information

What Our Church Is Doing

Out of love for our neighbors when our building is open we are taking extra steps to keep each other healthy:​

  1. We are providing extra cleaning and sanitizing before and after events and services that are being held in the building, including our classrooms, foyer, auditorium and baptistery. We will always be prepared to perform necessary functions like baptisms even if the building is otherwise closed.

  2. Song books, bulletins, and handouts have been reduced to a minimum.

  3. Seating is spaced out to allow for social distancing.

  4. Communion will be served in pre-packaged containers.

  5. Bottled water will be available and water fountains turned off.

  6. We're trying out new ways to greet people other than hand shakes.

  7. We are communicating with our missionaries around the world and ready to provide extra support where needed.

How to Love Your Neighbor

Take a moment and look around you. Who are those people in your life that may be thankful for a helping hand during this time? Offer to run errands for those who have high-risk health concerns (we can help direct you to those needing help) or send a note of encouragement. The tendency is to go into a self-protective mode and isolate; however, we can show others that they are not alone. How the church loves is important. Challenge yourself to encourage someone today. Sometimes, the most powerful thing we can do is reach out and let someone know we care in times of anxiety.

Through it all, pray and ask the Lord to point us back to His truth in all we say and do.

Check In

If you are sick, please stay home. We love you and, while we generally encourage sharing, germs are one thing we don’t want you to pass on. We will be posting a video on Sunday mornings at 10:45 on Facebook and on this page for you to study with, and we encourage you to text (317) 207-2734 to let us know how you are doing and so that we can bring you some groceries or anything else you may need.

How You Can Pray

As believers, Christ has given us the ability to directly petition our Creator and we should not neglect that privilege now.

  • Begin your prayer time by praising God for His sovereignty. He still is and always will be in control of all things. Pray that we will trust Him to help us navigate this time of uncertainty.

  • Pray for wisdom for governmental leaders, the CDC, researchers, other medical personnel, leaders in churches, and other strategic places to respond wisely and appropriately.

  • Pray for cooperation and collaboration among medical agencies and personnel around the world to work together for the well-being and health of all people.

  • Pray for the protection of doctors, nurses, crisis response teams, emergency first responders, researchers and other medical professionals who risk their lives to protect ours.

  • Pray for comfort and healing for those stricken with this virus. Pray they will receive the quality health care they need to regain health and strength. Pray their healing and for the vaccine to cure and eradicate this virus.

  • Pray for the protection and safety of those considered vulnerable.

  • Pray for peace, calmness, freedom from fear, anxiety, and panic among individuals and communities.

  • Pray we would be proactive in proclaiming the gospel and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray this event would be a catalyst for many following Jesus.