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11/25/20: Online Worship Continues


In the spring we reminded ourselves of when Paul wrote to Timothy that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. And it’s been in that spirit of love, and not fear, that our elders have continuously watched all of the physical and spiritual threats to the community here in Greenfield.

We know the importance of the church during this moment and that’s why we have worked hard to leave our doors open as long as possible. We’ve been able to do that because of you, because you have sat in overflow rooms and in parking lots and worshiped online, because you’ve worn a mask while we sing and worship, and because instead of running up and hugging each other when we finally were together again, you were willing to trade the hug for an elbow bump for a little while.

Because of all that you did and because of the will of our God, we were able to worship together safely in-person for four months, with no evidence that this virus was spread during our services.

Now though, as this situation evolves and as more of our neighbors and our church family here test positive for the coronavirus, our elders have made the difficult decision to transition our worship online again at least until December 20, 2020. This will affect all services, classes, and events.

The details of what that worship is going to look like and how long it will continue are going to be updated at, but if you have any questions, you can always reach out to our elders directly or send us a message here.

Now is not a time to lose focus. Now is not a time to tune out God. It’s not a time to get swept away by anxiety or by all the discord in the world. Now is the time to focus in on Jesus, the real Jesus, the Jesus who offers a peace that transcends understanding. And that’s the peace that our community desperately needs you to demonstrate right now.

For the past nine months, you have stepped up all along the way. You’ve prayed for those fighting this pandemic, you’ve helped our neighbors who need it right now, and you’ve committed yourself to worshiping God even when it’s harder than it should be. Don’t let down now.

I’m praying for the day we can all be together again, but for now I can’t wait to worship our God with you online on Sunday.



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