Prayer changes things. As believers, Christ has given us the ability to directly petition our Creator and we should not neglect that privilege now.

How can we pray for you?

How You Can Pray

As believers, Christ has given us the ability to directly petition our Creator and we should not neglect that privilege now.

  • Begin your prayer time by praising God for His sovereignty. He still is and always will be in control of all things. Pray that we will trust Him to help us navigate this time of uncertainty.

  • Pray for wisdom for governmental leaders, the CDC, researchers, other medical personnel, leaders in churches, and other strategic places to respond wisely and appropriately.

  • Pray for cooperation and collaboration among medical agencies and personnel around the world to work together for the well-being and health of all people.

  • Pray for the protection of doctors, nurses, crisis response teams, emergency first responders, researchers and other medical professionals who risk their lives to protect ours.

  • Pray for comfort and healing for those stricken with this virus. Pray they will receive the quality health care they need to regain health and strength. Pray their healing and for the vaccine to cure and eradicate this virus.

  • Pray for the protection and safety of those considered vulnerable.

  • Pray for peace, calmness, freedom from fear, anxiety, and panic among individuals and communities.

  • Pray we would be proactive in proclaiming the gospel and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray this event would be a catalyst for many following Jesus. 

Prayer Requests

Updated 4.28.20

Those who are sick and suffering physically:

*Shirlee Newton, fell and hit head, is recovering from a concussion 

*Kenny Godsey’s brother, Calvin, for nodules found on liver and neck

* Rick Henderson’s sister, Bonnie

* Jeff Waddell’s mother, Shirley

* Eddie & Creola Edon, health

* Lowell Huffman’s son, Adam, rare kidney disease

* Chuck Mittman, health trouble and multiple falls

* Robbie Upchurch is home

* Samantha Gregory’s cousin, Nelda Franklin, intensive care, in a coma

* Debbie and Wayne Howell

* WG Alford and his family

* Bill Wilburn, severe stroke

* Cara’s friend, Shannon, going back to Mayo Clinic for Lupus

* Richard McDaniel, knee surgery recovery

* Jill Milesi’s mother, congestive heart failure

*Barbara Willard, fell and is very sore

*Frances Upchurch's sister has lupus and now shingles.

*Cameron Olson's stepdad, recent cancer diagnosis

*Becky Marcum, heart issues

*Carmen Cacia, struggling with arthritis

Those who are mourning:

*Debbie Howell's mother, Jean Hess, passed away.

* Norma Cecil's nephew, Joff Roland, passed away after a long battle with cancer. He leaves behind his wife, daughters, and grandchildren.

*Reed Cecil and his family. Reed lost his brother John.

* The Shults Lewis community after the passing of Development Director Beth Frump.

Those battling or being monitored for COVID-19:

Ben Furlani's cousin, Bev; Diane Froiland (an employee at Morristown Manor)

Those with cancer and their families:

Ben Smith’s niece Linda Armstrong, Gary Dowers, Maxie Lee, Joff Roland, Kelly Chop, Heather Rogers, Robin Frasier, Susan Colvin, Clayton Shultz, Linda Treat, Cathy Moore, Catherine Mosley Custer, Wylla Greene’s brother and his wife, Dianna Kaminski Lewis, Diana Lynn, Milay Dunning, Barbara Abbott, Daniel Addams, Emily Hughes, Jared Wolski

Those with chronic health problems and in nursing facilities:

Sue Meyer, Sandra Anderson, Carmen Cacia, Debbie Gregory, Beverly Godsey, Erin Henderson, Chris Lavy, Becky Marcum, Bob Reynolds, Margaret Sanders, Kurt Unverzagt, Shantelle Ebbert, Wylla Greene, Floyd Alloway, Mabel Bixler (in Legacy), Madrue Grinstead (in Crown Pointe), Willean Morris, Judy Clark, Debbie Howell’s mom Jean, Ellie Roberts (recent MS diagnosis)

Those who are working to share the gospel here and abroad in these trying times:

* Shults Lewis Children’s Home, pray for successful commodity drive

* Jim and Nell Stamatis at the Athens International Bible Institute

* Sam Odeh in Benin City, Nigeria

* Comfort Kari Kari in Ghana, Africa

* Benny Stephens and the Fishers of Men program

* World Christian Broadcasting

Those who are struggling in other ways during this crisis:

*Austin Brake has taken a second job and is working very long hours

*Melanie Stafford requests prayers as she is working on reading the Bible more.

*Annette Townsend has asked for prayers for wisdom and patience.

*Marsha Brown asks us to pray for all the children in need.

*Vicki Brake has a family member struggling with a personal problem who needs prayer.

*Mary Beckner requests prayers for her family in Italy.

*Frances Upchurch requests prayers for the family of the postal worker who was killed in Indianapolis.

*Pray for the high school and college seniors who left school early.

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