Greenfield Church of Christ
Greenfield Church of Christ

A Family Awaits You!

Peace, Joy, and Love. This is what we hope you will find among us as the people of God in Greenfield. These qualities, as well as things like hope and personal fulfillment, are desperately needed in our world today. We believe that they are only fully realized in a vital and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We don't claim to have all the answers to the difficult questions of life, but we know the One who does, and we invite you to allow us to introduce you to Him through His Word. If our family can assist you in realizing for yourself the rich blessings of peace, joy, and love, we hope you will give us a call.

Although many people think of the church as a building, the building is simply where the church meets. The church actually is comprised of people-people adopted by God (Ephesians 1:5) into His family at the moment of salvation (Acts 2:47).

We believe that Jesus had a magnificent dream when He planned His church. He envisioned a group of people with warm, supportive, family-type fellowship; courageously pure lifestyles; compassion for hurting and unfulfilled people; and a loyal obedience to His will. Though we humbly recognize our imperfect achievement of this dream, Christ's dream is nonetheless our aim.

Stated simply, our goal is to restore New Testament Christianity as it was lived and practiced in the first century. We desire to simply be Christians. As such, we call on religious people everywhere to unite as one in Christ with Jesus as our only Head and the Bible as the only Divine guide in matters of faith and practice (John 17:17-23; 1 Corinthians 1:10; Philippians 1:27).

We hope that you will join us in making Christ's dream a reality in Greenfield and throughout the world.

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Greenfield Church of Christ

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9:45am—Bible Study
10:45am—Praise & Worship
6pm—Evening Praise & Worship

7pm—Bible Study & Devotional

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