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4/28/20: Drive-In Worship Service

Updated: May 2, 2020

Hope is not canceled!

Now more than ever we need the hope that only Jesus can offer. That's why this Sunday, May 3 at 10:45am we are going to come together, open His Word, and praise Him in the Greenfield Church of Christ parking lot. It will look different from how we normally worship, but it is so important that our worship continues right now and that we keep finding new ways to focus on and share the good news about Jesus.

In order to keep ourselves and our community safe and healthy and in accordance with the guidance from Indiana's governor, we have a few instructions for this week's service:

  1. While all are always welcome, if you are 65 years or older, have underlying medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes, or are feeling sick, we invite you to worship with us online only at 1pm on Facebook and Please attend the online service only if you fit into one of those categories.

  2. When you arrive you, please stay in your vehicle. We won’t be able to greet ourselves the way we normally do; a honk and a wave are definitely appreciated though.

  3. Please invite those outside of your household to come in a separate vehicle or worship with us online. Only those who live within your home should come in your vehicle and unfortunately we won’t be able to let cars in with more than one household in them.

  4. If you are wearing a mask, you may roll down a window to sing with us. Otherwise you will be able to tune in to your car’s radio to 87.9 FM to listen to the service and sing in your car. Cars will be parked 9ft apart.

  5. Please prepare communion ahead of time and bring it with you for you and your household. We won’t be able to serve communion the way we normally would.

  6. We are unable to provide bathroom facilities at this time, so please come prepared. We'll keep the sermon short for you!

Obviously these are some strange restrictions, but this is a strange time. We pray it’s also a time where we can grow closer to God and closer to one another, even while we are apart.

So whether it’s online or in our parking lot or both, Lord willing, we can’t wait to see you next week!

A live stream of this service will be available at You will be able to view the stream even if you don't have a Facebook account.

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