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For Kids: Being a Worker for Jesus

Children’s Lesson for March 19, 2020

Romans 12:4-6

Today, I want you to draw a self portrait of yourself on the paper below. A self portrait is

a picture of YOU! Under your self portrait, I want you to write two things that you are

good at doing.

God made you special and different from everyone else. There is no one else like you!

God made us all different and he gave us all different things that we are good at.

In 1 Corinthians 12:4-5 it says: “​There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit

distributes them. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.”

This verse is saying that our talents all come from God and we should use our talents to

serve God!

Why do you think God made every one of us good at different things? In Romans 12:

4 - 6 it says that everyone in the church needs to work together. God gives everyone a

different job/talent so that we can work together and get more done for him! If you are

good at teaching, then you should teach. If you are good at drawing, then you should

draw. If you are good at singing, then you should sing! One person cannot do all the

jobs in the church by themselves. It takes lots of people working together to spread

God’s word and God’s love.

Think about how you can use the two things you listed for God’s glory? How can you

work for God? Can you send a card to someone and encourage them? Can you help

your parents at home? Can you call a member of our church and talk with them for a


You are so very loved!

Hugs, Ms. Shantelle

Ask a parent to help you print off the activity sheets for this lesson. You can find them here.

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