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For Kids: God Loves You!

Children’s Lesson for March 22, 2020

1 John 4:8

Did you know that God has always known you? Think about this: Do you have a brother

or a sister? Did you know them before they were born? Of course not. God knew you before

you were born and he knows you now! God knows all about us. He knows us better than we

know ourselves. Today I was brushing my hair and I realized that there is NO way I could count

the hairs on my head. Would you be able to count the hairs on your head? If you start

counting, how far would you get before you would get tired and give up? In the Bible it says in

Luke 12:7 “...the very hairs of your head are all numbered”. God knows how many hairs are on

our heads! I could start counting today and continue counting into tomorrow, and I still wouldn’t know how many hairs are on my head, but God knows.

Not only does God know us, he loves us. He will always love us! In 1 John 4:8, the

Bible says “God is love.” God loves you just as you are. God proved his love for us by sending

his son Jesus to tell us about His love!

The Bible says that God is love and that God’s love never changes. God is the same

today, yesterday, and forever. You and I may change, but God doesn’t change and His love for

us doesn’t change. God knows you and loves you, and no matter what happens, God will

always love you. He will never stop loving you. Never! Nothing you do could ever cause God

to not love you. God is Love!

We should always remember to thank God for loving us, for never changing, and for

always being here for us, no matter what.

You are loved,

Ms. Shantelle

Ask a parent to help you print off the activity sheets for this lesson. You can find them here.


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