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For Kids: Mothers in the Bible

Children’s Lesson for May 10, 2020

For today’s lesson we are going to talk about some very important mothers in the Bible. We are also going to talk about YOUR mom!

A mom is a pretty important person. Mothers love us, care for us, and support us. Moms are the ones who make our skinned knees better and our sad hearts happy again. Our mothers might be our first teachers. Perhaps it is your mom who reads stories to you and who was the first one to teach you about God. Throughout the Bible, are many mothers who helped raise their children to love and respect God.

Eve: Eve was the first mother in the Bible. She was the first woman to have a child and the Bible refers to her as “The Mother of all Living”. Eve had many children, but three are mentioned in the Bible: Cain, Abel, and Seth.

Jochebed: You’ve heard of the story of Moses? Jochebed was Moses’ mother! When Moses was born, Pharaoh ordered all the children/babies under 2 years old to be killed. Jochebed didn’t listen to Pharaoh, and instead trusted God to keep her baby boy safe. She formed a basket out of reeds and put baby Moses in the basket to keep him safe. God led Pharaoh’s daughter to find Moses floating in the Nile River and then the daughter actually hired Moses’ own mother to take care of him! Moses later became the hero who led the Israelites out of Egypt into freedom! Exodus 2: 1 - 4

Hannah: Hannah was the mother of Samuel, who was a very important judge in Israel. She was unable to have children for many years, and prayed to God that He would give her a child. She promised that if God would bless her with a son, that she would give Samuel to God for his whole life and she did! Hannah raised Samuel to love and obey God. 1 Samuel 1: 10 - 11 and 1 Samuel 1: 27-28

Elizabeth: Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist and a cousin to Mary, Jesus’ mother! Elizabeth also had John when she was very old. Elizabeth followed God and loved God very much! Her son is the one who prepared the way for Jesus! Luke 1: 39 - 45

Sarah: Like Hannah, Sarah was very old when she became a mother. She was around 90 years old! Sarah prayed and prayed for a child. When God later blessed her with a son, Isaac, she knew that God was faithful and that he always fulfills His promises. Genesis 18.

Mary: Mary was the mother of Jesus. She was chosen by God to give birth to Jesus! In Luke, the Bible mentions an angel coming to Mary and telling her that she would have God’s own son! Imagine that! Mary was likely a teenager when she had Jesus; and yet she trusted God to care for her and her child. The Bible says in Luke 2:51 that “His mother treasured all

these things in her heart.” Mary was there with Jesus through his ministry. She watched Jesus teach and heal and love, and she remembered all He did. Mary was a simple woman who loved God and who was blessed to be Jesus’ earthly mother.

Now, think about your own mom. What are things your mother does for you to care for you? How does your mom show her love for you? Being a parent is sometimes hard. What could you do to help mom and show mom you love her?

Think about the things that your mom teaches you? My mom taught me how to sew and to love books. My Grandma Brown taught me how to cook and read Bible stories with me. My Grandma Bever taught me to love music. This week, do something nice for mom. Maybe you can surprise her by picking up the living room. Perhaps you can do a chore without being told. Maybe you can help out with a younger sibling.

You are loved beyond measure,

Ms. Shantelle


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