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For Kids: I Am the Vine

Children’s Lesson for May 3, 2020

John 15

Let's talk about a tree and it's parts (branches, trunk, leaves, roots). They are all connected and all a part of the same thing. A vine is just like a tree, but we see more trees. Vines produce fruit and the fruit is connected by the branch.

When the fruit is growing, it shows that the vine is also growing. You cannot have fruit, if you are not connected to the vine! Jesus had twelve friends who followed Him and helped Him teach. Sometimes a lot of people came to see and listen to Jesus. When they went home, Jesus told His friends even more about what He had been saying. This helped them be better teachers. Jesus said: “ I am the vine, and you are the branches. Stay joined to me so you can be part of my teaching. But you cannot do anything without me. Stay joined to me and let my teachings become part of you.” Think about what this means. Jesus is our vine, our foundation. He is what we must hold on to and follow as we live our lives. We are the branches. This means that we need to reach out and teach others and help others learn about God! If we are not connected to Jesus, then we cannot be fruitful. We have to spread God’s word and love and teachings to everyone! We have to share the good news about Jesus!!

Discussion Questions: 1. Who is the vine? 2. Who are the branches? 3. Have you ever picked fruit before? (Yes or no.) Fruit can't grow anymore when it's not on the vine. If it comes off of the vine too early, it has to be thrown away because it's not ready to be eaten and even it might make you sick. 4. What happens if the fruit stays on the vine until it's ripe or ready to be picked? (It keeps growing and getting bigger and more delicious.) *Eventually, when the fruit is ready, it is picked off the vine and will be shared with others. More fruit will grow in its place. Knowing about and loving Jesus is like growing on the vine. To keep growing, we must stay close to Jesus then we can share with others. One way to do this is talking to Him, also called praying. Think about saying a prayer similar to this: “Jesus, You are the vine and we are the branches. Help us to stay as close to You as the fruit stays on the vine. Give us the strength to always do what is right and good. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.” You are loved, Ms. Shantelle

Ask a parent to help you print off the activity sheets for this lesson. You can find them here.


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