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We want to help teachers get ready to go back to school. Check out these Amazon Wish Lists of items they need to fill their classrooms.

We're also collecting pencils, folders and looseleaf paper in the breezeway to help out local schools.

Whitney Bishop (Friend of Emily Furlani)- 3rd Grade

"Thank you so much for taking a look at my wish list. As a first-year teacher I am incredibly excited to be in the classroom & have big plans for my kids this semester. For those of you that don’t know, I will be teaching in half of a gym this year - with no windows & no typical shelves or other organizations of normal classrooms. I want to make this room as comfortable & welcoming as possible for my kiddos. Thank you for supporting their education & my job."

Madison Patin (Lauren Lavy's Sister)- 4th Grade

Kacie Baker- Kindergarten 

Kami Marie (Friend of Christina Van Duyn)- 1st Grade

Julianna Rose- Kindergarte

Emma Morton

Ryan McNair

Breauna Allison- Pre-K to 6th Grade Music

Angelique Bracone- Special Needs Classroom

Samuel Bennett- 5th Grade

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